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Submitted on
December 1, 2013


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Mandelbulb3dTeasers First Annual Challenge Winners conducted by :iconmandelbulb3dteasers:
A big huge thanks to all that made this first annual Mandelbulb 3d Teaser special such a great success! This month we had a total of 60 deviations entered in the challenge. As you all know, there were three parameters to tweak, one from each of the Teaser admins, Lux, Tim and Hal. Many participants tweaked all three parameters. It's obvious by the variety of tweaks that we have a talented group of people eager to express themselves with their own visions and interpretation of exotic imagery that tell a story or take us on a memorable journey. They aren't just pictures, they're our imaginations turned loose to wander about new worlds, exploring tunnels and canyons, machinery and cities and beautiful unexplainable abstracts.

Everyone deserves a hearty congratulations! The purpose of this group is to help each other learn and apply new techniques as well as become proficient using Mandelbulb 3d. The unique rules challenge us every month to try new things, and what better way is there to learn? We all come away winners. And most importantly, just have fun. It's not about winning, it's about learning. It's not about being as good as or better than someone else, it's about being as good as you yourself can be.

The voting process for this month was suspended and instead judging was done by the three admins. The process is always difficult but we managed to choose a first and second place winner from each tweak folder. While the admins each had their own set of criteria, I feel it can not be stress enough that it's always important to make sure each formula you use has an impact in your finished image. This does not necessarily mean it was a deciding factor in our choices, but it is an unwritten and unenforced rule that does come into consideration. It's kind of a loophole in the rules, but in order for you to get the most out of these challenges, you should try your absolute best to make each formula count.


Finally, we get to the winners!

In the Tim tweaks:

First place: - batjorge :iconbatjorge:  Immersion by batjorge

Second place: - t0leg :icont0leg:  Artificial Pearls by t0leg

In the Lux tweaks:

First place: -
bezo97 :iconbezo97: Annual MB3D Teaser / Lux's params [tweak] by bezo97

Second place:
- viperv6 :iconviperv6: BrainWash Apparatus by viperv6

In the Hal tweaks:

First place: - t0leg :icont0leg:  Micro Antenna Field by t0leg

Second place: - LightBulbMoon :iconlightbulbmoon:  #000120 - Hal's Teaser Params by LightBulbMoon


Congratulations to all the winners and to each and every one of the participants! Each first place winner will receive 100 points and the second place winners will receive 50 points. The winners will also be featured below with a sample of their work from their galleries. Please take the time to visit them and spread a little DA cheer! The rules for the 13th Mandelbulb 3d Teaser challenge will be set by GrahamSym, the winner of the 11th teaser and should be posted in a day or two. Thanks to everyone for a very successful first year here at Mandelbulb 3d Teasers! Here's hoping for another!

Best wishes from the team!

timemit :icontimemit: LaxmiJayaraj :iconlaxmijayaraj: HalTenny :iconhaltenny: Mandelbulb3DTeasers:iconmandelbulb3dteasers:

First place winners features:

batjorge :iconbatjorge:

Once Upon A Time by batjorge Quantum Gate by batjorge Office View by batjorge Futura III by batjorge Titans ice forms by batjorge

Into The Deep by batjorge Desert Alien Flowers by batjorge Primal Flowers ASurf-pong#165 by batjorge Communication by batjorge Perceptions by batjorge

bezo97 :iconbezo97:

#386 by bezo97 Feather by bezo97 Hot slide by bezo97 #369 [MB3D Game Round5 Formula1] by bezo97 #270 by bezo97

#331 by bezo97 #333 by bezo97 Plant by bezo97 Docks by bezo97 Celestial Kingdom by bezo97

t0leg :icont0leg:

Godforsaken World by t0leg Ruins by t0leg Roses Made of Gold by t0leg

Second place winners features:

viperv6 :iconviperv6:

Emotion of Transform by viperv6 Tentaculus by viperv6 Ancient Ruins of Alkah'Deh by viperv6 JDwildfire-Mix by viperv6 Ancient Altar of the Sun God by viperv6

LightBulbMoon :iconlightbulbmoon:

#000111 by LightBulbMoon #000049 by LightBulbMoon #000097 by LightBulbMoon #000046 by LightBulbMoon #000122 by LightBulbMoon

t0leg :icont0leg:

The Cube by t0leg
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Shadoweddancer Dec 3, 2013   Digital Artist
Congratulations to the winners!  Very nice renders all :clap:
congratulation to all! Very nice work!!!
Thank you:  to the Whole Teaser Crew & Congratulations all Around
I'm happy to be a part of the fun!
Congrats to all the winners and everybody for making the effort, a most enjoyable challenge! Long, may it continue!
viperv6 Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thnx soo much that im under the winner Huggle! Heart  , and congratz to all the other winners Clap , also big thnx to Hal , Lux and Tim for spend so much time for the group Clap
batjorge Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much Lux! And thanks again to the other winners, participants and admins for all! :hug:
Had fun doing them and it s always a good chance to improve your skills on MB3D! :)
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